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Our patients tell our story best. Their experience, healing and long-term positive results inspire us everyday

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Our patients tell our story best. Their experience, healing and long-term positive results inspire us everyday

Patient Testimonials

We provide a unique approach and lasting results in a time when healthcare options are hard to discern what best fits your needs. See what our patients have to say about their experience at Body in Balance Chiropractic:

Colleen K.

This has been the best chiropractic experience I have ever had and I have been to many over the years

Allison V.

“Long story short: I’ve been a gymnast/dancer, so I’ve had these problems coming to me. Dr. Karin & Dr. Jan are great. They always answer all my questions, and never have I felt in the dark about what is going on with my body or treatment. They are happy to walk me through everything. Granted my history, my back will always be a work in progress, but since coming to BIBC, I’ve never thought twice about going anywhere else. All things chiropractic aside–the entire staff is phenomenal! Friendly, prompt, professional, and everything in between. I would rate them one of the highest among any industry!”

Dan R.

“This staff is committed to producing lasting results, not temporary fixes. The incorporation of posture training and deep tissue massages makes this a complete spinal solution, not just a fleeting ‘adjustment’.”

Demi A.

“As a student, I was really struggling with sitting down for hours at a time. I experienced constant pain in my neck and lower back until one day, I pulled something and couldn’t get out of bed. Before going to Dr. Jan, I thought I was in pain because of my bad posture, and if only I could sit up straight I could make it better! Dr. Jan quickly clarified that the pain was due to much more than my posture. After a thorough (and free!) evaluation, he found severe misalignments in my back that would have stopped me from ever sitting up straight. Dr. Jan adjusted me on the day of the examination and after that I was absolutely sure that this was what I needed. We started an intensive 3 month program that consisted of 3 adjustments per week, as well as posture trainings and massages.I immediately started feeling better–in fact, the best that I had felt in years–and looked forward to my adjustments every week. I generally stayed with Dr. Karen through out my plan; she is incredibly and always remembered what to work on and ask about. While I cannot recommend this program enough, I should also make clear that the patient also has some work to do. Dr. Karen does all the posture trainings, teaching you exercises (that usually take no more than 10 minutes a day) that will strengthen key muscles. It’s up to the patient to do these every day so that your back will not revert to its former mess. To anyone considering going: go! You will be so thankful you did. I no longer live with pain in my neck and shoulders and let me tell you, it’s a good life.”

Riley M.

“Intelligent and excellent service. The results for me on a personal level have been incredible. I am feeling like a new man. I have experienced real results. My flexibility, balance and athleticism have increased dramatically. I am no longer feeling sore. Body in Balance Chiropractic has far exceeded my expectations.”

Julian R.

“I have not treated my body very well over the past 40+ years. I have dislocated my shoulder, sprained my ankles countless times, dislocated my right hip, had surgery on both knees, and had severe tendonitis in both shoulders. My body has been through the wringer. I’ve gone to chiropractors since I was 14 and I’ve seen eight locally during my time in New York City, so I’m very familiar with the work that they do. Dr. Jan was different.

Most chiropractors generally ask what’s ailing you and then hack away at that particular thing and then send you on your merry way. Dr. Jan does want to know what’s wrong, but he’s got a plan. He looks at the problem holistically and passionately. Your problems and your bad habits are all a product of something in your past and are not going to go away in just a single session.

Dr. Jan’s plan of attack includes posture training (yes, homework is required) that will get you to a pain-free way of life if you embrace the process. Since starting the plan with him five months ago (after a traumatic back injury), I’ve had only one minor back injury—something that used to happen twice a month. And I wasn’t being good about doing the homework, so that one’s on me. Go see Dr. Jan. His office is conveniently located in midtown, Becky and Melissa are super sweet and helpful, and Dr. Karin is incredibly passionate about making everything better. After a few appointments, you’ll wonder if there was something pathologically addicted to pain inside of your head that kept you from tending to your issues proactively. Don’t live in pain. You don’t have to. Pick up the phone.”

Jodie H.

The best evah! After being nailed by a cab on my bike commute, and suffering from a pinched nerve… enter stage left, Dr. Jan… huge improvement in only a few visits. I am also a runner with knee problems… and I just finished a 200 mile relay!! Together, Dr. Jan and I are correcting my posture and he is helping me maintain my active lifestyle virtually pain free—who knew?! I strongly recommend his services—and may I just add his that his staff is super cool, too?!”

Nat H.

“Can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get a corrective massage!! Really great to know that what feels good is also being done in tandem with realigning my spine. Great setting and care. I was totally comfortable and get that they are interested in my long term well being and not just short term results.”

Lori B.

“Dr. Jan is the absolute best! He is up to date on the latest chiropractic care and he always makes me feel like a new person when I walk out the door. They don’t get any better.”

Harvey M.

“I had fallen last March in the snow. I fell directly on my back and could not move without getting total spasms. I could not lay down. I had gone to another chiropractor and he told me to go directly to the hospital for special surgery. I called Dr. Jan first and he told me to come in. Gave me an initial examination and told me just to apply ice, 15 on, 15 off! First night my back popped! After three of months of Therapy I was back to normal. No one is better!”

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