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Chiropractors adjusting patients and assisting in corrective exercise

Evidence Meets Education

Natural healing philosophies balanced with modern technology and evidence-based methods help us customize a corrective care plan that’s completely unique to you.

Evidence Meets Education

Natural healing philosophies balanced with modern technology and evidence-based methods help us customize a corrective care plan that’s completely unique to you.

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Dr Jan and Dr Karin


In our modern age, no one would argue that chiropractic is firmly rooted in science. But it is—and has always been—an art form.
It’s a beautiful thing that occurs after closely observing the behavior of countless human bodies and performing thousands of chiropractic adjustments for many years.
At some point, the body begins talking. It’s our job to listen. What’s observed are the subtlest of changes in the textures or movements of a muscle. Those changes can mean the difference between a patient stuck in pain and one who’s able to heal and thrive once again.
These are the signs and signals we devote our life’s work to observing. When you truly observe, you can be precise. When you’re precise, healing can occur.

Our Focus

We provide corrective care, an approach focused on making long term, “structural” changes to the body as opposed to merely relieving a symptom temporarily. Our program is based on the work and teachings of some of the most renowned chiropractors, strength and conditioning coaches, physical and massage therapists, neurologists, and PhD’s.

Education + Empowerment

Your transformation and independence is our commitment. We assert a great deal of time, care, and attention to educate patients so they can truly understand and take responsibility for what’s happening inside their bodies—and so they’re empowered to proactively care for themselves in the future.


When we say comprehensive, we mean it in more ways than one. We look at your whole body, not just the site of your pain. We also go beyond the spine, working expertly on extremities such as the feet, ankles, knees, shoulders, wrists, neck, and jaw (TMJ).

Source = Solution

Getting to the source of a problem means viewing it from all angles. Sometimes pain in one area disguises a more deeply rooted issue in another. Taking a holistic approach allows us to identify and heal the problem at its source.

Scientifically Based + Results Driven

As information and technology in our fields evolve, so do we. Everything we do stems from the most advanced, evidence-based methods, techniques, and information available today. We continue to educate ourselves, studying the masters in our fields, and infusing what we learn into our program. See real results.

Why We're Different

Having a comprehensive approach means first understanding that every patient’s body is inherently different. That’s why we don’t default to the same cookie-cutter approach for every patient. Here are some other things we do differently:

Our Approach

Our focus is corrective care.
We get to the source, aiming to heal you long term.
We preach proactivity so you can be your own health advocate.
Each patient's care plan is customized.
Our approach is holistic and comprehensive— (chiropractic, massage, corrective exercise, education).
We use advanced technology to track and ensure progress.

The Standard Approach

Their focus is pain management.
Temporary treatment of symptoms with no real solution.
They have you reacting to pain and reliant upon doctors and meds.
Similar run-of-the-mill approach for everyone
Keep you on a wheel of dependency
Antiquated methods and philosophies.

You won't find another team that's as highly trained, committed, and collaborative as ours. We think and work in harmony so you and your body can as well.

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